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Adding moss to it..

Within these artworks, I've mimicked moss using wool and textiles. Drawing inspiration from the intricate growth patterns of moss on stones, I've meticulously incorporated wool and threads to integrate moss into various objects.   This work is ongoing.


Irregular moss boulders, adding moss to a group of objects unites them.


These 'Mini Moss Boulders' were exhibited in the 'Tiny' Exhibition at Aireplace Studios, Leeds in Dec 2023


Added moss to volcanic shapes stones.


Clay maquette of a planned seat. To be made from cob, with growing moss sections and sculptural sporophytes that move in the wind.


Sample fabrics from testing natural dyes turned into small stones, moss was added to them, again uniting them.


Using net to needle felt cushion moss, before adding them to various items.

Making Moss related products to sell

I used scraps of felting, foam, pins and polymer clay to make this moss pin cushion with sporophyte pins in a traditional Japanese wooden jujube cup. I had a positive response to this online, it sparked a train of thought about small products I could make to sell.

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