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Working with nature to create inks, dyes & pigments

to use in my work, this is an ongoing passion.

Natural colour


Drawing with the natural inks I have made, enjoying how the colours react with each other. This drawing of leaves, was created using a cut-tipped, found magpie feather quill.

I have called this 'petal painting', using foliage and petals directly onto the paper. In this case, watercolour paper releases the natural pigments to add colour to this charcoal observational drawing of moss. I also made the willow charcoal to create this drawing.


These are stuffed stones, made from the test pieces of fabric, used to explore natural dyes. They are all-natural fabrics - cotton, silk, wool, and linen. I stitched them to make solid stones and added woolen moss to them.

Kitchen roll left over from creating natural dyes/inks, cut into strips, twisted into thread, and then used to create twine. I then stitched them together and finished off with raffia to make miniature baskets.

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