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My Story

I am a endlessly inquisitive multi-disciplinary artist whose creative journey intertwines with nature, vibrant, textured, and ever-resourceful—drawing on inspiration from my childhood memories in the heart of Africa. Growing up surrounded by sparse gardens, two distinct plants captured my imagination – the Mulberry bush and the Mopane tree.


In the Mulberry bush, silkworms spun tales of transformation, bridging nature and creation. I vividly recall the intricate process from berry to silk, sparking an early appreciation for the interconnectedness of life. The Mopane tree in Botswana revealed a different narrative, where the fat, multicolored mopani worms played a crucial role as a food source, emphasizing nature's practicality in sustaining communities.


Throughout my life, creativity has been a daily ritual, evolving from survival-driven endeavors to empowering others. As a teacher and business owner, I champion the fusion of nature and creativity, urging people to explore their identity through tactile experiences with natural materials.


I now embrace a pivotal shift. With my children entering their late teens, the focus turns inward, acknowledging the need for self-nourishment. A yearning to reconnect with personal creativity leads me to explore hibernation spaces and hermitting as a retreat, seeking balance, reflection, and rejuvenation.

Nature's sanctuaries, from shells to pods, resonate deeply with me, but it's moss that becomes my current muse. A self-proclaimed moss geek, I have delved head-first into the world of vibrant hues, resilient textures, and adaptive growth. Through magnification and observation, I explore moss in minute detail, marveling at its ability to thrive in obscure places and adapt to diverse environments.


The fascination extends beyond aesthetics. I can't help but contemplate Moss's age and wisdom. Its single-cell thickness absorbs nutrients from the air, detecting real-time air pollution. Moss serves as a crucial environmental indicator. It is a joy to observe how different moss species coexist and support one another, I find inspiration in their communal growth, adapting to individual strengths for collective benefit.

There is an ongoing joy in unveiling Moss's historical significance, especially in women's roles, i see a neglected narrative. Traditionally guarded by women, moss played pivotal roles in childcare, menstruation, and home comfort, often overlooked in historical records due to the absence of women's voices. The silent ally of moss in maintaining warmth and comfort mirrors the untold stories of women.

In my artistic practice, moss becomes more than a subject—it's a reflection of resilience, adaptability, and quiet confidence in being enough. As I immerse myself in the everwhereness of moss, my creative journey unfolds, guided by the wisdom of one of the Earth's oldest plants.

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